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Whales 2019 is etched in stone. 
Two trips, one to the Mision in Loreto and the other to the Serenidad in Mulege with a pre/post trip to Punta Pescadero inbetween. 
Contracts have been signed and registration forms will be out soon. 
Loreto:  Jan 31 - Feb 3, Mulege Feb 7 - 10. 
Mark your calendar. 


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Whales 2018 Mulege is a wrap.

What a hoot.  It was Whales, food, drink, and fun.  What a great bunch of people.  Got to admit that it has been a long time since I danced to one in the morning.  And so did most of the others.  We had a four piece band playing our kind of music and the back room of the Serenidad rocked.
The whales are there however stayed back several feet from the boats.  
And the grand prize this year which was a photo of the winner and me on the home page this year was "Huck" Huckaby from San Jose, CA.
Now, it is time to do it again, this time from the Hotel Mision in Loreto....

Whales 2018 Loreto is a wrap
The weather in both Loreto and Lopes was perfect....  The Whales were there, most got to pet the a whale, all in all. it was a really good trip.  Then there was the flat tire on rollout, a bent pushrod, and a prop strike.  (Are we really back in Mulege?)
However....  It was another Whale of a trip.  The weather, the whales, the dance on Friday night and the wind blow-away at the Saturday fiesta was all part of the plan.  So many have already asking about net years Whales trip.  

Punta Pescadero
The extended trip to Pesadero was, according to all that attended, a perfect get-away.  The rooms, the sand, the sun, the toys, the food, the drink, and more....  Am talking to the owners about a "Baja Gold" trip that just could include Pescadero in the loop. 


Baja Bush Pilot's Airport of Mexico and Central America interactive map

Baja Bush Pilot members! Welcome to the Baja Bush Pilot Google Map. This map is setup to work with the Airports of Mexico and Central America 23rd Edition.
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  Airports Of Mexico And Central America 23rd Edition.       

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Cuba GA Trips
After reading the official OFAC rule changes regarding flying to Cuba as well as reading what others have published, we find that the only thing that our present administration did last Friday was to remove the ability to make solo trips to the island by yourself.  Now, you cannot go by yourself to Cuba but must be traveling with an established organization with a leader from that organization on a structured agenda.
As this is what the BBP has done over the past six group flights that we have taken to Cuba, for us, there is no change.
We are planning another trip this Fall.  
And in addition, we are working with a local Cuban aviation group and eCASA to make landing fees, etc. more reasonable.  
Watch our website for more information.

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