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BBP APIS for combined US and Mexico is now up

Mexico has raised ME Permit, Taxes
See over 30 webcams in Mexico

USCBP GA airport locations and phone numbers  




 Click here for Cuba Trip Report :)   
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Sep 26 '15 AOPA Event Colorado Springs Fly-In Booth
Oct 10'15 AOPA Event AOPA Tullahoma TN Fly-In Booth
Oct 23 '15 BBP Trip Explore Baja Open in Aug
Nov,    '15 BBP Trip Cuban Carvan, Flight to Cuba Open soon 
Jan      '16 BBP Trip CenAm 2016  
Feb 25 '16 BBP Trip Whales 2016  


Explore Baja
Departs in November
Soon to be opened, we will be exploring northern Baja as never before.  Watch for more details in the near future.

Cuban Caravan, Flight to Cuba
Departs in November
Returns (10 day trip)
Status: Aircraft registrations has started
Christmas does come in December.
With the Presidential decision to relax some of the rules regarding travel between the US and Cuba, the BBP will be providing a trip that most have only dreamt about, that of flying their own aircraft into Cuba.
If you want to be part of this historical first flight, that of perhaps being part of the first GA caravan into Cuba ever, watch this tour closely.  We have been to Cuba three times last last year, have the connections and knowledge to make it work, and OFAC has given us the "go ahead"  We will soon be on our way.

Watch for more information soon

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BBP APIS for both Mexico and US is up  
1,200 manifests and counting.  That is what the BBP processed in the past 10 weeks.  And the response has been overwhelming.
Filing to both the US and Mexico through special portals, our program contains databases that remembers past flights,  aircraft, crew, passengers, and more.
And it will do a reverse manifest, file to go down, reverse and it will file you to come back. 
And this services is being provided to our members at no charge….

Read what some of our members are saying:
It’s a great product, keep up the good work.  Rick
Just another reason to continue to support the BBP and the work that….  Don
Thank you so much for your efforts to make this (APIS) simpler. Angle
Your APIS is a WOW, thanks for all you do.  George
Thanks Jack for your EPIS service. 
Mexican law does require all GA flights to have submitted an APIS whenever crossing the border.  In the near future, the hammer is going to come down and if you are not filing a MX APIS, you might have some serious explaining to do.
How do you use our APIS.  If you are a current member, just go into the Member section and click on APIS.  It is easy and friendly to use. If you are not a member or not current, go to our website and either update your membership or click on “Become a Member”

Click here to see a sample US/MX manifest

Mexico has raised ME Permit, IVA Tax:
     a)  Mexico has raised its Multi-Entrance (Permit) price to NP$1,383 effective Jan 1, 2014
     b)  Mexico has raised their IVA tax to 16%

Loreto's Hotel Mission is now BBP Member
Located right on the water in downtown Loreto, this four story, five star hotel is everything that a hotel can be. The rooms are well furnished, the restaurant and bar are first class and all the people that work there are friendly and outgoing. With an endless list of things to do in Loreto, it is a must to consider the Mision as your base when visiting Loreto.

And from the Mision, (almost) everything is within walking distance. The Mision joins the Hotel Oasis and the Hotel Posada de las Flores in Loreto as an Associate Member.

To see the discounts offered by the Mision, go to "Associate Members" in the public area of our website.
The BBP is proud to have the Mision as one of its growing family of Associate Members.


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