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The following indicate BPI trips that have been completed, are open for registration, or are in the process of being setup. 

BBP Group Trips
Current Trips   Days Status
Jan 23 '15 MexGold '15 10 Open
Feb 26 '15 Whales '15  (Loreto) 4 Open
Past Trips      
Oct 6'14 Cuba (Havana) 5 Completed
Oct 31 '14 AOPA Chino Flyin (BBP there) 1 Completed
May 2 '14 Sun & San Felipe Beach Party 3 Completed
Apr 12 '14 Dogs at pegasus 1 Completed
Mar 6 '14 Whales 2014 4 Completed
Jan 6, '14 CenAm/Cuba 2014 10 Completed
Oct 13 '13 BBP Post AOPA Trip 5 Completed
Sep 27 '13 Sun & San Felipe Beach Party 3 Completed
Jun 29 '13 Cirrus O & P Migration (Mobile AL) 1 Completed
Apr 13 '13 Pancakes @ Pegasus 1 Completed
Mar 14 '13 Whales 2013 (Loreto) 4 Completed
Jan 16 '13 CenAm 2013 10 Completed


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New Web Page
We have added another page to our website for persons who are orginizing non-BBP events.  Our first posting is from Ron Polly who is annoncing a fly-in to Mulege.  To see more, go to "Flying Adventures" and then click on "Event Calender"  

BBP Member Alert

1)  Mexico has raised its Multi-Entry Authorization price to NP$1,383 effective Jan 1, 2014

2)  Mexico has raised their IVA tax to16%.  This is an increase of 5%.  Any service or product purchased with a recipt is charged the IVA tax.

Mexico has extended its 406 ELT requirements for some aircraft, click here for more info

Bahamas is now charging an aircraft entry fee.  Go to "Alerts" to see more information

Click here to see where N811PJ is (Only available when leadng Group Trips)

US Customs locations and telephone numbers 

See over 30 webcams in Mexico

Hotel Mision in Loreto is the BBP's newest Associate Member.
Located right on the water in downtown Loreto, this four story, five star hotel is everything that a hotel can be. The rooms are well furnished, the restaurant and bar are first class and all the people that work there are friendly and outgoing. With an endless list of things to do in Loreto, it is a must to consider the Mision as your base when visiting Loreto.

And the Mision is offering their covered tie down place to its guests for US$20 per night.  It is on a "first come, first served" basis and when parking there, you do not pay the DGAC parking fee.  Contact the hotel prior to arriving to confirm its status....
And from the Mision, (almost) everything is within walking distance. The Mision joins the Hotel Oasis and the Hotel Posada de las Flores in Loreto as an Associate Member.

To see the discounts offered by the Mision, go to "Associate Members" in the public area of our website.
The BBP is proud to have the Mision as one of its growing family of Associate Members.


New Airports of Mexico and Central America Book
The BBP has been swamped over the past two or three months.  Our plate has been overfilled and we are in the process of digging out.  That being said:
            We have just released our 22ed edition of Airports of Mexico (and Central America)  You heard right, Central America.  And, we have tabbed the book so that Mexico has three distinct areas, all ICAO airports, (MMxx id) all paved airports (MM## id) and all Baja strips. (Baja) 
            And we have added airports/airstrips for Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama.
Attached is the press release.
            AOPA is this week.  Starting on October 11 in Palm Springs, the BBP will be there in full force with its new book, a new line of soft goods i.e. Tee Shirts, etc. as well as information on our next CenAm and Whales trip. Booth 923 at about the center of the exhibit hall. 
            AOPA has invited the BBP to sit on a panel to discuss international travel via GA aircraft.  AOPA has asked me to talk about Central America; it will be on Friday at 3:15, Convention Center, Smoketree A-E
            The BBP will be hosting a special off property reception Thursday evening in Palm Springs after the show.  Stop by our booth (923) for information as well as an invitation.  The BBP will also be giving away one trip registration for CenAm and one trip Registration for Whales Thursday evening.  Stop by our booth for more information. 
             And, on Sunday morning, about 20 BBP members along with BBP staff will be headed down to Loreto for four days of “fun in the sun”.  The trip is closed but if you show up with your passport and a few dollars, we could probably work you in.  Go to our website and look under “Group Trips”.
              Hope to see you in Loreto….  Jack


Major change: Mexico discontinues GHC-001 Form   8/14/2012
In the past couple of weeks, we have confirmed what some Members have been reporting regarding the discontinuance of form GHC-001.
We have been provided an internal document outlining this new procedure, which I believe to be a large positive change.
Upon landing.... 

Go to "Alerts/Notams" in Members Section to see more

G-20 Conference in Cabo   06/      .            06/16/2012

The BBP has just listed NOTAMs for the Cabo area as well as information provided to us by both SENAM and DGAC.
Go to Alerts/NOTAMS in the Member Section to read more.
It must be pointed out that the BBP is not responsible for the information provided, fly at your own risk.


San Felipe Immigration charges... (updated 06/06/12)  

We have been notified by San Felipe that an official notice has been issued for a change in the procedure for charging people the Immigration when entering Mexico via aircraft. To see the document, click here. 

Mexico has implemented new Visa rules whereby you do not pay for your Visa entering Mexico.  It is paid for when you depart. 


You are now required to pay for your Visa(s) when departing Mexico.


There are some Immigration Officers who will try to charge you when entering however, you should tell that person no, the rule has been changed and we pay when we depart Mexico.  That person may argue but the final word is that you do not pay when entering.  And if you do, even though you may have a receipt, you will be charged when you depart as that is the rule....

Also, we are slowly updating several sections on the site and opening them up in the menu section. Though not all have been brought over, we have opened up the "Alerts" page in the members section (below the Forum). And, be on lookout for many new additions to the Photo/Video Galleries!

Whales is a wrap....  3/12/2012
Most all are back from Mexico, one of the best Whales trip ever.  I don't know of anyone who did not get up close and personal with a whale on this trip.  And, there where about 130 adults and kids who did it.
International check in at Loreto for the 55+- aircraft averaged about 8 minutes an aircraft and clicked like clockwork, I don't believe there were ever over three aircraft in line for fuel.  It all worked.  Will be doing a full blog in the near future.  Jack @ BBP 

CenAm is a wrap....  2/4/2012
All have checked in and are home or headed further South.  Baja 1 (the Commander) purred like a kitten on the 32 hour, 5,112 mile flight until landing at Nogalas where on a perfect touchdown, the nose wheel went flat and there we were, sitting in the middle of the runway with nowhere to go.
First thing we did was to call Unicom and told them to hold up on the four cheeseburgers we had ordered (via radio) as we will be running a little late.
Then, as a white pickup truck came screaming up to us from across the field, who would believe it was the FAA who wanted to investigate the "incident" gold badges and all.
No harm, no foul.  A flat tire is not an incident so, after a quick rampcheck (well, a runway check) the badges went away, they got back into their pickup truck, and indicated we were free to go.  Sure, flat nose wheel in the middle of the runway and we were free to go.
However, Larry Tiffin, owner of the FBO at OLS, came to the rescue, moved us to his hangar where I changed the tire, all re-ordered our hamburgers, and it was on our way home.
What a hoot.  Ocean, miles of jungle, dinner in a brothel, and a lot, lot more.  I am working on the blog for the trip, will post as soon as I can.  Jack @ BBP


Rocky Point Airport MMPE (Puerto Penasco) is OPEN to International Traffic.
December 23, 2011 BPI Alert
Alonzo just emailed to indicate that Customs is back and international flights are welcome

Airstrip at San Miguel de Allende  12/22/11
Just had word from Randy Henson that the reworking of the airport is just about done. It has been lengthened, widened, and has a hard surface.
Randy indicates that all hope it will be open by Christmas Day. 

Increase in parking fees in Costa Rica  10/25/2011
We have just confirmed that Costa Rica has implemented new parking fees. 
It must be pointed out that these fees are for any aircraft be it a Cessna 152 or a Boeing 737, foreign or national.  Landing fees remain about the same and are computed by the ton.      
We are writing a letter of protest to the Government of Costa Rica regarding this issue.
To see more, go to "Member Section", "Country Information", Costa Rica".

Military may have reversed their position on the closure of Ensenada  8/18/2011
We have been given information from persons who wish not to be identified who indicate that although the paperwork continues for the closure of the airport, they have been told that this will not happen. 
They indicate that the decision has been made to separate the airport so that the military and the civil activities are no longer together but separated into their own areas. 
There has been a lot of pressure on the military to change their position on this situation and, if it would have happened, it would have had a giant impact on Ensenada and the surrounding area.
Again, the official position is that it is closing however, again, the people close to it as well as the press indicated it will not happen.  Jack @ BBP


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